First Days on Liberation

Well – we’re finally here in Croatia but nowhere near being able to sail away yet. The list of jobs to be done is as long as your arm and as usual things don’t go quite according to the plan. The boat looks like a tornado just struck inside and it’s hard to see how everything will be ready!!! The Bavaria dealer was supposed to be here last week to finish the last work – but won’t be arriving now until 2nd June – so more delays to our plans. Mind you, Ed has so much to do that it really won’t make so much difference.  He’s working long days onboard trying to work his way through the list on his own – I am trying to get the business closed down with the year end accounts and last bits and pieces – so sitting in the camper in the marina car park, so am not much help to him!

It’s not a bad arrangement as we have power, the loos and showers right opposite and not too far from the boat. Just hope they don’t kick us off here as being on a campsite would be a major inconvenience!

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