Sailing SY Liberation

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This is the story of our travels around the Mediterranean living aboard our Bavaria 40 sailboat “SY LIBERATION” from 2013 until 2019 when we sadly sold her to follow our new adventure.  The Captain’s Log is our journal telling the stories of where we went and what we did and (as anyone who has a boat will know) things break and go wrong all the time so the Technical Stuff will show you what we fix and how we fix it, as well as telling you about the continual upgrades we do as we go along.  Under Our Boat you will find the detailed description of all our gadgets and equipment and how we have customised our Bavaria – as well as our reasoning for having such a complicated setup which many think is mad!  Our boat is our home for half the year, so we believe in making it as good if not better than our house.

We hope you enjoy our site – and we love to share our experiences and help others if we can, so if you would like to ask us anything or just send us your feedback then use the Contact Us button to send us an email.  We are in the process of transferring our old blogs across to our new site – so bear with us while we fill in all the gaps!  You can find us again with our new adventure onboard our new yacht MV Destiny.

Ed & Chris