We’re Getting There …. Slowly!

Well, we’ve been at the marina now for nearly a week and the weather has not helped in the slightest. It’s been cold and raining for most of the week – which is a bit tricky when you’re trying to do things like varnishing the teak with several coats as it just isn’t drying! As usual, everything seems to take longer than you think it will – and with boats everything is in tiny little corners where arms won’t fit and things have a habit of disappearing into the bilge when you drop them. Ed has crossed a few things off the list though and even though the boat looks like a war zone, he assures me it’s not as bad as it looks and we’ll be able to leave soon enough – I’m not convinced!  I think he’s doing a lot of positive thinking 🙂

My own work is getting there too. I’ve nearly caught up what I should have done before the end of the ski season so will be able to seriously start the year end accounts in the next couple of days. Hopefully by the end of next week, we’ll be ready from our point of view and then the boat supplier can come out and do his stuff and we can be on our way.

Here’s hoping the weather is better by then!