Visit to Umag

22nd – 23rd April 2013

A flying visit for both of us as we’re in the middle of closedown in the Alps – but we need to visit the fiscal representative in Croatia and the lawyers and sign a whole load of documents to get the importation process underway – there are deadlines to make sure that we can complete the process before Croatia enter the EU.

We drive down with one of our minibuses and book ourselves into a hotel overnight as the boat is not in a state to sleep onboard.  Chris ends up with a kidney infection and tests out the great service of the emergency department of the local Croatian hospital – don’t understand a word, but they were amazingly efficient!

Chris gets to see Liberation for the first time – and we notice an issue with the TZT which Ed installed in Isola – there is slight delamination on the screen, even though it has been fully covered and protected since he left it at the end of March.  It’s only very slight … but not great for such an expensive piece of kit!

We see the lawyers, sign all the documents – and then take a very painful drive back to the Alps, stopping at almost every service station on the way as Chris has to continually drink water to flush out the infection …. which means comfort visits are needed at least every hour!

Can’t wait to get back again and start the work for real in a few weeks …..

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