Porto Koufos to Skiathos Overnight

The morning started out still windy – but reduced to 15 knots and gradually subsiding. By the afternoon, the weather was calm and the forecast gave us a window which would allow us to make the crossing to Skiathos. Sailing at night has become second nature, so we had no problems to pull up the anchor at 16h30 and head out to sea.

Initially, the sea was a bit lumpy as the storm residue subsided but the wind was perfect. The crossing was a classic cliche of “sailing into the sunset” with perfect sailing conditions on a gentle close reach and beautiful skies.

As the night drew in, the winds dropped almost completely and we motored for most of the way to Skiathos – another familiar location from several weeks back. During Storm Medusa we got to know almost every part of the bay at Ormos Siferi – and the location of the sand patches for ideal anchoring! So, despite arriving at around 02h00 in the dark, we knew exactly where to head. We dropped the anchor and settled in for a good night’s sleep with a planned morning departure to Evvia.

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