Water maker … the story continues

In June 2014 the water maker was re-installed in Preveza by the Greek installer and by taking videos of it operating he noticed that the water discharge was a trickle and not the flow it should be – he agreed the problem was the pump but in Greece the only available replacement was very large and delivered three times more time water than water maker could process – so now we’ve gone from one extreme to the other!!  The replacement pump is the maximum pressure the water maker can cope with at 60psi – it is a self-priming pump which would hopefully avoid the air bubbles.  Due to much higher power demand, he also installed a relay so when the pump starts it doesn’t take power via the control board of the water maker but straight from the generator – the unit power supply is enough for the small pump but he was afraid that the power demand of the new pump would burn out the power circuit in the STW600.

The pump DID solve the water maker issue – we have no more air bubbles and low pressure issues!  But …… the high power consumption is now an issue as we can only run the water maker on it’s own and not with any other appliances on the generator as the new pump had brought the electrical system outside of the requirements we had defined which was to be able to run the water maker and two chargers at the same time or the water maker and the air conditioning.  This was no longer possible but we have no choice but to accept this as there doesn’t seem to be any other solution at the moment.

To be continued ….. 🙂

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