Electrical problem with the invertor …

We discovered very quickly while underway that the invertor was only supplying power to half the sockets on the boat – and also the immediate switch in when mains power was disconnected was not working as anticipated.  We gave our buddy Toby a call at Keto and were very impressed when he said he would jump on a plane and come over.

Toby flew over and reconfigured the 220v circuit by installing an additional relay allowing switching of both circuits from shore power to generator to invertor.  The switch in was then immediate and the microwave doesn’t even lose it’s time setting when we switch between power supplies.  It was quite a simple thing but immediate response from Keto!

Toby spent a night on board and we had a nice evening with a few drinks and an evening of technical chit-chat – and we’re happy again that the electrical system is now looking good.

Nice one Toby – more than we could have expected from you!

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