Sailing SY Liberation

Installation of a Lithium Battery Bank

COMING SOON The original Rolls AGM battery bank is beginning to die – although it could last another season or maybe two, the power is definately waning.  After a lot of discussion, we decide to install a state-of-the-art lithium battery bank.  The bank is made up of 8 x 3 volt cells, clustered in banks of 4 – the system is managed by a REC battery management system (REC provide the battery systems for the Greeline electric yacht and have customised the management software for a sailing yacht application). Advantages and disadvantages of lithium? Risks and dangers Charging patterns Cost benefit analysis

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New Rocna Anchor!

  During commissioning this year in April, we decided to replace our anchor with a new 33kg Rocna – after years of swearing by our Jambo and being one of it’s loudest advocates!  We came loose a few too many times last year with side pulls and sand, and for us one of the most important things is being able to sleep comfortably at night and not to worry about our anchor. We’ve had many really good experiences with the Jambo – particularly in weed where we have watched all the other boats in the bay come loose, but we stay steady as a rock.  Serifos was a great example of this last summer, where we lay at anchor in …….

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