Sailing SY Liberation

Thessaloniki Marina

After a week away staying in a luxury hotel in Amsterdam, it was a relief to be back home on the boat in Thessaloniki!  All these “luxuries” are all well and good – but I’ll take the luxury of our own boat any day of the week.  I missed the lap of the water on the hull, and being gently rocked to sleep – as well as my own decent shower, my own bed and having drinks and a kitchen on hand.  Can’t stand hotels!!!!  This must come from spending too much time in them in our previous life. The Dutch exams were a bit of a challenge but quietly confident they will be OK – unfortunately I have to …….

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Koufos to Thessaloniki

Well it was just as usual – the wind turned around 02h00 and the anchor dragged – oh what a surprise!  I’m getting used to the sleepless nights but to be honest getting pretty sick of them, and can’t wait to get our new Mantus anchor when we get to Thessaloniki.  This time, we have planted the anchor on a sand patch among the weed, so of course when it rotated it has ended up in the weed.  We didn’t have to re-anchor, as it did catch – at least enough, since we have only about 10 knots of wind.  I spent the rest of the night fitfully sleeping, up and down checking what was happening. Actually, Wednesday turned out …….

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