Sailing SY Liberation

Diaporos Island – Halkidiki, Northern Greece

Diaporos has been a lovely haven of peace and tranquility for  most of the time – apart from hiding out from a storm one night, and the CONSTANT bombardment of speed boats (oh, and lets not forget the wasps!).  The island is tucked up in the Halkidiki peninsula (“Three Fingers”) in Northern Greece and has the channel to the mainland is protected by the fact that each entrance is fairly enclosed so it creates a sort of “inland sea”.  The area is beset with hazards – it’s extremely rocky and both the south and north entrances need to be navigated with care – not something to do at night!  Our CMap/Jepperson charts gave leading lines, and following those gave safe …….

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Kassandra Point to Diaporos

We woke quite early in Kassandra Point, which was hardly surprising given we were right out in the open, in front of a beach.  The Mantus had held perfectly – although there wasn’t really much wind to give it a real test.  We retrieved the anchor and left the bay around 10h45 intending to get to Porto Koufos on the next peninsula for the night.  There was nothing much to report with the journey – we traced our track backwards and had therefore seen it all the last time.  The wind was calm to start with and we were motoring – I had my laptop out in the cockpit and was happily catching up with some work.  Just before we …….

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